How to refill printer ink properly on canon printer

If the print is dashed, streaked or on the monitor screen displays a Low Ink message. That means you must immediately refill your printer ink in order to the print results can be normal again. Do not forget to use suitable printer ink for the best printing result. You should not mutually replace the ink brand in order to keep your printer cartridge durable.

How to refill printer ink properly

To fill cartridge printers that are still in a sealed state / cartridge has never been refilled. Then you have to make a hole in the cartridge first as the path of ink into the cartridge. After that, you can refill the printer ink properly. To perforate the cartridge, use a small needle that is usually included in the ink box, make a cartridge hole the size of an ink syringe to make it easier in refilling the ink.

How to refill printer ink properly on canon printer

After successfully making a hole in the cartridge, insert the needle ink into the cartridge, try not to stab the foam in it so that the cartridge does not leak. Just insert the needle just a little and then fill the ink slowly about 5 ml

How to refill printer ink properly on canon printer

Now the cartridge has been filled in ink, next suction cartridge using ink vacuum. Use ink-sucking toolkit, but if you do not have any, you can make your own using a used printer. You just need to take the Absorbed ink then make it as your own ink vacuum. Suck ink a little until the ink can flow out of Nozzle Head

How to refill printer ink properly on canon printer

Take a tissue and paste it on Nozzle Head. If the ink that is attached to a solid colored tissue and there is no dashed line, it means you have successfully filled the printer ink properly.

Ok, now the process of refilling printer ink has been completed. Next reinsert the cartridge into its original place then do Test Print to prove the result has been maximal. If the result is still striped or dashed, do Head Cleaning on the printer then test print again until the result is really maximal.

How to refill printer ink properly on canon printer

To fill the color ink cartridge, the exact same way to fill the black cartridge. The difference in color cartridge you need to make three holes cartridge and should not be wrong in injecting the color ink is not mixed and will affect the print later. If you do not know the location of the color, apply a tissue on the head cartridge then the ink will come out in a row from the left of Blue, Red and Yellow. So to fill the ink you just follow the order of color.

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Congratulations you have successfully filled your own printer ink. This method is Universal, it can be used to refill ink on all types of canon printers

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