How to fix error 5200 Canon IP2770

How to fix error 5200 of Canon IP2770 - I have ever found problem with Printer Canon IP2770, actually this printer is normal but if we use it print data the indicator lamp is orange blinking and at the screen show Error 5200. You may have experienced this case and has a solution to overcome it. The following is the way I do to solve error 5200 Printer Canon IP2770:

Indication Error 5200 canon ip2770:

When the printer is turned on, it work normally but when we use it to print, it will show Error 5200 at screen

How to fix error 5200 Canon IP2770

Solution to fix error 5200 canon ip2770

1. Turn the printer on, let it a moment until stop moving
2. Open the printer cover and let the cartridge move to the center
3. in this position turn off the printer by unplugging the power cable without pressing power button
4. Unplug both of cartridge and let cover of cartridge opened
5. Plug power cable and press power button, it will move and hit to the left and right but just ignore it until stop at the middle.
6. Plug both of the cartridges and close the printer cover properly
7. The printer will be normal and able to work again

I have tested this trick and succeed to fix error 5200 canon ip2770. I hope this trick also work for you which have same case like me.



In my case, replacing the cartridge fixed the problem. You can read my story here:

Thank u so much...Now Worked My Printer...

Thank u so much....Now Worked My printer....


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this is not true.. it will just destroy your printer... eror 5200 means cartrdge is needed to replace beacuase cartridge is very sensitive it can be fixed anymore... catrdige is unpredictable!! the only way is replace new cartridge

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