Sunday, May 15, 2011

how to flash acer aspire one bios

Two days ago, someone gave me Acer Aspire One to be repaired. The problem is Operating System can not appear at the screen while the notebook is on. I have ever experienced problem like that and I conclude we must flash it's BIOS to overcome the problem. These are the following detailed steps to guide you to flash Acer Aspire One BIOS easily.

Step 1 : download the lates Aspire One Bios
Step 2 : Put both FLASHIT.EXE and the BIOS file in the USB stick
Step 3 :  Rename the BIOS file to be ZG5IA32.FD
Step 4 : Switch the machine off; just make sure both battery and AC adapter are connected.
Step 5 : Press Fn + Esc key and press the power button to switch your Acer Aspire One on.
Step 6 : Release Fn + Esc after a few seconds, the power button will be blinking.
Step 7 : Press the power button once. This will makes Acer Aspire One initiate the BIOS flash, do not interrupt it until the power button will stop blinking, and the Acer Aspire One will reboot shortly after. If not, reboot it manually

This is very easy steps to Flash bios Acer Aspire One, just follow 7 steps but if after doing this step your Acer Aspire One does not work, mybe you need to take it to Acer Service Center.

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